Employee Engagement

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“The evidence of a significant relationship between employee engagement and financial performance is undeniable." -Towers Perrin
Talking about the engagement and commitment of an employee to an organisation, most companies are of the opinion that they do have a few, but they still want more. Why? It is merely because these companies have come to the realization of the fact that their organization’s long-term success relies on employee performance, which is directly impacted by the level of employee engagement and commitment to an organisation. Well, some organisations think that simply making people happy and paying them handsome pay packets is the solution. But it is not so. These are things which an organisation need to consider to
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How to measure employee engagement?
To determine the level of employee engagement, the organisations should make use of a comprehensive employee satisfaction survey. Such surveys are a popular tool used to solicit employee feedback and to improve levels of productivity and commitment by identifying the root causes of workplace attitudes. They also help in developing an understanding of the extent to which employees are passionate about their work and emotionally committed to their company and to their coworkers.
There are several standardized tests, toolkits and instruments available, which can help determine the level of employee engagement in an organisation. Q12, a 12-question survey of the Gallup Organisation, identifies strong feelings of employee engagement in four key areas - customer satisfaction/loyalty, profitability, productivity, and employee turnover. The questionnaire has been administered to a multitude of companies across the world. Results from the survey show a strong correlation between high scores and superior job performance and many organisations have found it to be definitive measure of the engagement level of their employees. Standard Chartered, for example, introduced a Q12 annual survey to measure improvement in the

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