Essay on Employee Engagement

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Employee Engagement Definition of Employee engagement Emotional Employee engagement is a concept whereby an employee feels an emotional attachment to their employers and the goals and values the employer holds. There doesn’t appear to be a definitive description of employee engagement, but most agree that the emotional attachment is a key element to being an engaged employee. “The term employee engagement has gained considerable popularity in the past 20 years yet it remains inconsistently defined and conceptualized”, Shuck B & Wollard K (2010) - Human Resource Development Review. This emotional attachment could be described as a passion for the organisation and their part in it and a feeling that they can make a difference.…show more content…
An engaged employee will more likely be a greater asset to their employer as the emotional connection will drive them to strive for greater effectiveness. The CIPD factsheet, August 2013 defines employee engagement as having 3 elements: * Intellectual engagement – thinking hard about the job and how to do it better * Affective engagement – feeling positively about doing a good job * Social engagement – actively taking opportunities to discuss work-related improvements with others at work. Employee engagement incorporates the psychological contract, the set of unwritten rules and expectations that employees and employers have. Maintaining the psychological contract is fundamental in maintaining employee engagement. “When an employee realizes that the employer cannot meet a key expectation in the (psychological) contract, there is often a feeling of having been betrayed, as if a real contract has been broken in bad faith. This can become the “shock” or turning point that begins the downward cycle toward disengagement and departure”, Branham L (2005)- The 7 Hidden Reasons Employees Leave. Importance of Employee Engagement to the Organisation Gender & Demographics The CIPD
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