Employee Engagement in the Oil & Gas Sector

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Table of Contents 1. Introduction 3 2. Engagement Model/ Levels 4 3. Engagement Drivers 4 3.1 Quality of Work Life 5 3.2 Company Practices 5 3.3 Total Rewards 6 3.4 Opportunities 6 3.5 People 6 3.6 Work Activities 7 4. Ways to engage employees 7 5. Advantages of having engaged employees 8 6. Recommendations 9 7. Conclusion 9 REFERENCES 11

1. Introduction
According to Aon Hewitt (2012), employee engagement refers to the “state of emotional and intellectual involvement that motivates employees to do their best work through examination of employees’ level of engagement relative to the organisation’s
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These drivers are interrelated thus work in unison. Engagement drivers therefore help management identify lacking areas that prohibit employee potential, thus enhancing focus on improvement efforts that enhance productivity through increased employee commitment (Organ, Posdakoff & MacKenzie 2006). 3.1 Quality of Work Life
Quality of work life refers to creation of a work environment whereby employees’ activities are prioritised through execution of work structure activities that deem the activities less routine thus more rewarding to the employees (Sigy, Efraty, Siegel & Lee 2001). It therefore involves creation of a conducive physical environment through availing the required resources necessary for work execution such as proper safety clothing and equipment thus enhancing productivity and engagement. It also involves enhancement of a work-life balance policy, which enables employees to clearly define and separate their work and social lives thus enhancing growth of an all-rounded employee, which enhances engagement leading to increased productivity (Richard & Deci 2000). 3.2 Company Practices
The organisation’s practices greatly contribute to employee engagement levels. Integration of interactive human resource policies enhances employee involvement in decision making, which in turns motivates them thus enhancing employee engagement (Aon Hewitt 2012). Introduction of effective
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