Employee Handbook Non-Discrimination

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Employee Handbook Non-Discrimination Paper Tiffany Gebauer, Heather Charles, Cleo Wilks, Gina Pagan, Martha Ayala HCS/430 Professor Susan Kajfasz August 4, 2014 The Handbook is an introduction to your employment with a company and gives you written direction and information about benefits and policy that may affect your employment. The information is for all employees without regard to level of position. The Company, at will employment opportunity policy gives you the right to give notice and leave with or without cause. As well the Company may terminate employment at any time with or without cause. Each employee is obligated to read and comply with the policies and the information in the Handbook. Equal-employment opportunity…show more content…
These policies give the appearance of quick reaction to the issues. A process for addressing the complaints of bias or discrimination would not be damaging to the company. Only three of every five citizens live in an area or equal rights for sexual orientation. When people feel protected and comfortable and their issues are addressed there is less chance of having a lawsuit. Also if there is a grievance process and there is a lawsuit the courts will see the process as an attempt to decrease the opportunities for violations and therefore reduce the company’s liability. The nondiscrimination policy and health and safety laws impact employees by giving them a fighting chance. Employees have the right to be comfortable at their place of employment, and to also have a sense of safety and secureness. They should not have to worry about the way they look, how they act, or how different they may seem. Health and safety practices keep them from getting hurt or sick on their job and if something was to happen unintentionally they should be covered. As long as it was not their fault and no underlying causes are found they are good. If it were not for these laws and practices, there would not be any order to the way things are handled. There are state and federal laws that stop a job from being able to discriminate against any type of person weather it is there color or their gender
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