Employee Harassment And Employee Misconduct

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Dealing with Employee Misconduct in Senior Communities
Every senior care community is vulnerable to the potential of employee misconduct. Besides the harm employee misconduct causes to the senior being served and the care center’s reputation, these incidents can cost an organization millions.
Employee Misconduct Leads to a $64 Million Judgment in Georgia
A Georgia court found a residential care facility’s staff and several other defendants liable for breach of contract, negligent conduct, and invasion of privacy. The complaint filed by the mother/guardian of a resident alleged that a Georgia facility responsible for providing services to persons with mental disabilities did not supervise its employees, which led to the neglect and abuse of the residents.
In her complaint, the mother/guardian alleged that the employees at the facility beat her son on numerous occasions, forced him to vote for a particular candidate in a local election (despite the fact that he lacked the mental capacity to make such a decision on his own) and neglected to adequately meet his needs. Furthermore, the plaintiff stated that the defendants were aware of the abuse but did nothing to stop it. The plaintiff was awarded $64.6 million.
What Actions Are Considered Negligence?
Care center negligence has numerous definitions.
For example, the failure to provide adequate/required care to the residents is a form of negligence, which can include neglecting to:
• provide the residents with medication;

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