Employee Health Care Benefits Throughout Businesses Essay

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Employee Health Care Benefits One of the main topics of business is Health Care and this discusses Employee Health Care Benefits throughout businesses. And discusses the benefits an employee has in his or her workplace that they wish to choose. The last couple years a lot of controversy has arose because of employee health care benefits and the lack of it. But the FEHB program has fixed that and now employees can get any type of health care plan they choose at the beginning of their career. The FEHB is the largest employer sponsored group health insurance program in the world, covering almost 9 million people including employees, annuitants, and their family members. The FEHB program offers fee for service plans, Health Maintenance Organizations, and plans offering a Point of Service product. The FEHB has a lot of things to offer to employees, such as Group rated premiums and benefits, a Government contribution towards the cost of your plan, your choice of plans and options, annual enrollment opportunities called open seasons, guaranteed coverage that your plan can’t cancel, no waiting periods, medical examinations or restrictions because of age or physical condition, and many more benefits that you may want. The cost of health care is a huge benefit to employees, you share the cost of your health care benefits with the Government. Most full time employees only pay twenty-five percent of the total premium that there health care cost. If you are a part time employee,
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