Employee Health & Safety

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Running head: Employee Safety & Health Course No: BUS 601 Course Name: Human Resource Management Course Teacher: M Khasro Miah (Ph.D) Submitted By: Muhammad Ashikujjaman-1211023090 Mohammed Makbul Hossain-1120524090 Md. Taslim Hossain-1130305090 Kawsar Jahan (1030657090) Abstract Considers the role of employee representation in improving health and safety performance within small enterprises. Focuses on an approach to employee participation through regional health and safety representatives and provides an analysis of the factors necessary to ensure their effectiveness, based on Bangladesh. Identifies and analyses the challenges presented by small enterprises in light of evidence from existing evaluation of regional…show more content…
National policy : 39 b. Governmental Organizations 39 c. Employers Organization: 40 Case: Rana Plaza 41 Discussion Questions 44 References 45 Why Safety is Important for organizational development in Bangladesh Fig: Tazreen garment factory, killed 112 people.(http://www.theepochtimes.com/n3/62823-groups-divided-on-bangladesh-safety-overhauls/ Fig: Rana Plaza, building collapse killed over 1,100 workers & injured about 2,500. (http://www.ibtimes.com/six-danish-retailers-sign-bangladeshi-factory-safety-accord-signatories-now-number-63-only-five-are) The occupational health and safety service in Bangladesh is still in the developmental stage. In Bangladesh the occupational health & safety refers mainly to needs of workers of industries or some manufacturing processes but does not completely cover all occupations. Safety and accident prevention concerns managers for several reasons, one of which is the staggering number of work-related accidents. Last few years lots of incident happened in Bangladesh Thousands of worker die due to employee safety . The recent fire at the Tazreen Fashions factory has brought the perennial challenge of worker safety into the spotlight once again. Given the constant pressure to lower costs and the dearth of meaningful government oversight, businesses are continually tempted to reduce costs at the price of worker safety.. This report explores the issue of worker safety
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