Employee Involvement And Strategic Human Resource Management

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An employee involvement activity is a tool normally used for strategic human resource management. Its concentrates on how each employee in an organization can be fully involved and contribute towards organizational goals and success. Various means has been taken by organizations to encourage employee involvement, the basis of which lies on information sharing and involving them in decision-making process of the organization. These procedures comprise self-managed teams, independent work-groups, and high performance work systems among others. All of these initiatives were taken with the motive of increasing motivation and dedication in employees to increase their productivity, performance and quality and also to reduce their resistance to change. However, in solving these problems organizations face so many difficulties in implementing these plans which arise from the managers’, supervisors’, employees’ and unions’ concerns and employee self-interests. This paper presents an introduction to the topic and also why it has become so imperative these days. More so, it discusses the aims of employee involvement and explains in details on the problems faced during implementation. It also provides union’s views on all of these activities, and means to support the advantages. In conclusion, it deliberates assessment of such initiatives in a particular organization.. Discuss why Employee Involvement Activities are being implemented in both unionized and union-free
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