Employee Job Satisfaction Has A Large Impact On Their Organization

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Employee job satisfaction has a large impact on their organization. Employees being dissatisfied can lead to high turnover, higher absenteeism, affect their overall job performance, and impact customer satisfaction (Robbins & Judge, 2009 pp 87-89). This post will discuss the impact job satisfaction has in regards to organizational citizenship behavior and employee engagement. Causes of Job Satisfaction There are several factors that influence an employee’s satisfaction in their job. Some of the factors that impact an employee’s satisfaction are pay, advancement opportunities, co-workers, the work itself, and enjoying the work (Robbins & Judge, 2009 pg. 84). Many people would consider pay as the factor that might contribute the most to job satisfaction. In the United States, pay is more important to employees making less than $40,000 annually and greatly decreases in employees making over $40,000 (Robbins & Judge, 2009 pg. 85). Where I work, a large number of the staff is paid considerably less than the $40,000 annual salary, and it is a constant source of discontentment with the staff members. My department alone has had a 25% turnover already this summer which is consistent with the turnover from the previous summer. Our department also struggles with absenteeism and low productivity. The issues are not adequately addressed when authority figures make the statement that they have no need to adjust the salaries due to an “endless pool of applicants”.
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