Employee Low Morale And Product Quality

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Executive Summary Riordan Manufacturing has discovered a disturbing trend that has indicated that many of the employees are dissatisfied with immediate supervisors, department managers and local executive managers, who have failed to communicate and supervise in a professional manner. Employee low morale has begun to affect the productivity of the manufacturing company. Many experienced and talented workers have left the company voicing various reasons in exit interviews. Some of these workers have left without giving the company any type notice to quit employment with Riordan Manufacturing. Many of these workers have been discovered working for many of our competitors. This is a risk that must be addressed immediately. Riodan has invested time, training and money to develop many of the workers skill sets that had made them valuable to the company. Riordan manufacturing has been directly impacted by this risk because many of the products that they have produced recently are of low quality and our production levels are extremely low beyond the standard manufacturing levels. A new project has been initiated to address the risk issues involved low employee morale and product quality and quantity. Project Summary The requirements for this project will be to not only discover why experienced trained employees are leaving the company in high numbers. Upon initiation, the information gathered from the project will conclude within a three week time period or as soon as all
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