Employee Loyalty

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EMPLOYEE LOYALTY Methlife’s 10th annual survey of employee benefits, trends and attitudes, released in March, puts employee loyatlty at a 7-year low. The survey shows one in three employees plan to leave their job by the end of the year. According to a report conducted in 2011 by Careerbıilder.com, 76% of fulltime worker would leave their job if the right opportunity comes along, even tough they havent been actively seeking for a job. Other studies Show that each year the average company lose its 20%-50% employee base. A big amounf of employees do not feel connected to their work. The reasons cited fort his ; the recession ( during which companies laid off big swaths of their employees with little regard of loyalty) , a whittling…show more content…
"There is a tremendous amount of competition, both domestically and internationally, which has forced firms to be more nimble with respect to hiring and firing," says Guay. "It is now a two-way street: Employees recognize that firms are not going to be able to offer lifetime employment, and companies recognize that employees will feel free to move around." Social and business networking plus the explosion of available information on companies and career paths have helped that process along. "In the last 10 or 20 years, it has become so much easier to find jobs in other industries or regions than it was 10 or 20 years ago when we didn 't have the Internet," he notes. Do organizations need to be concerned about fostering loyalty when some employers simply want their employees to do what is asked of them? Cappelli would answer "yes." The big challenge for employers, he says, is that "employees have discretion, more so now with jobs that have more autonomy. Bosses aren 't, and can 't be, looking over them to tell them what to do all the time." In addition, notes Cobb, some workers have brought with them, or acquired, skills that are very difficult to replace. "You don 't want that knowledge and expertise to walk out the door." Also, disloyal employees can be a risk for an employer if they spread the word that their company is an undesirable place to work. "It affects the perceptions your customers have of you," he adds. For Cobb, the debate over
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