Employee Management System

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An organization needs to manage the leave and attendance of its employees. Attendance has direct relation with employees, their payroll and leave. Various software for e-attendance of the employee are available in the market. Most of them are the desktop based applications and the others, though they are web based applications, during our preliminary survey we found that they were not efficient enough to cater the needs of the organization. Hence, we thought it be a beneficial project for us and the college as well as the concerned organizations.
An organisation has the needs to manage the attendance and the leave records for its employees. Employees' Leave and Attendance Management System (ELAMS) is
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• Facilitating the immediate supervisor as well as HR department regarding employee’ information.
• Storage of employee detail, employees’ leave and attendance details, leave balance, leave used and daily/weekly report generation of employee attendance.

1.3.1 Scope
• Though the Human Resource Management includes the management of various aspects of human resource, the project will be focused on the development of the Employees Leave and Attendance Management System.
• The project developed remains strict to based on survey, it doesn’t go further to other institutions, though it can be replicated.
1.3.2 Limitations
The major limitations of the project are as follows:
• Due to the constraint of resources and time, the size of the project could not be increased.
• The project has been developed through utilizing the records of the employees and other information available at certain organisation. The requirements gathered through various sources might not be properly reflected in the requirements analysis and the design documents due to limited knowledge and time.
• Due to the small scope the project may not represent the whole spectrum of the human resource management.
• Due to very little knowledge of the team members about ASP.NET language and MsSQL database, the project may not have been developed as envisioned.
The limitations of the system are listed as below
• Being an automated system, the limitation shouldn’t better to express.
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