Employee Monitoring System Using Android Smartphone

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Employee Monitoring System Using Android Smartphone
Prof. Rachana Sabale, Pavan Kawade, Sana Sayyed, Aishwarya Kadadekar, Pranjal pawar
Department of Computer Engineering, Savitribai Phule Pune University
G.H.R.I.E.T., Wagholi, Pune, India

Abstract : Growth of android applications is Rapidly increases and which has a great impact on our life. In some company, office cell phones are provided to employee. Employee do lots of activities which are unknown to manager and it may affect in degrade the growth of company. "Employee Monitoring System using Android Smartphone" is an android application for log the data on the server automatically. This application is helpful for the managers to track their Employees office cell phone activities. This application is use to maintained transparency between manager and employee. It create and maintained logs of call and message, Browsing history, Data usage, Location. And generate report of employee on server. It also send alert message to manager 's phone if employee goes outside the campus. The Global Positioning System is used to trace location of employee. By using this system, the organisation can avoid the unnecessary activities done by the employee. The aim of this "Employee monitoring system using android smartphone" is, to monitor activities of their Employee 's office cell phone and also improve the organizational growth of
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