Employee Motivation: A Powerful New Model in HRM

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Employee motivation a powerful new model explores drivers of employee motivation, the levers the managers can pull to address them and the local strategies that can boost motivation despite organizational constraints. Finding of new research introduce a model that establishes the four basic emotional need people exhibit; they are the drive to acquire, bond, comprehend and defend. Also it exhort organizations take an holistic approach to satisfy employee’s emotional needs through its reward system, culture, management systems, and design of jobs. The potential benefit of a motivated workforce to an …show more content…

This is a very unusual case of a business strategy being an output of a deliberate Human Resource strategy.
Human Resource department always has a challenge that is to ensure employees are motivated and committed to the organization with honesty. Human Resource department can act as a service provider for the employee and treat employees the same way organization would like them to treat their customers.HR conducts cultural events and dj nights for employees to bond.

Performance –management and resource-allocation processes
Performance appraisal process if made clear and transparent can help a lot to avert low morale in employees. Fair, trustworthy, and transparent processes for performances management and resource allocation help to meet people’s drive to defend.
The Role of Direct Managers
People should be given the liberty to decide the way they want to execute their task. Leadership should not try to curtail to this basic urge. People then become more responsible and take the ownership for it. Leadership style of the direct manger has a bearing on the morale of the direct report. Motivation can be improved through making employees feel important, giving them a degree of freedom to make choices. Managers have men at their command. They should understand the aspiration of their subordinates. Recognize their unstated

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