Employee Motivation And Job Performance Evaluation Essay

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In today’s worker environment, compensation is a major deciding factor in being a desired, competitive company looking to hire and retain their employees. Compensation packages include the following: salary, 401 k plans, health care benefits, stock options, vacations, bonuses, etc (Compensation, 2016).
A compensation benefit package needs to have a clear and concise orientation of expectations for workers’ performance; in doing so, it will promote an effective strategy which can be outlined with an accurate, clear description of the job. In addition, to the evaluation of the workers’ performance through a job performance evaluation. An organization must understand their employees and what tools and skills are needed to be successful in the outline position, the need to make and maintain reachable goals and managers will need to lead by example; thus, creating employee motivation and increased productivity. Motivation comes in different forms, through verbal acknowledgement, great benefit packages and even better compensation offers to meet the needs of the workers. Organizations need to keep employees motivated, because employee productivity and success for the company relies on employee motivation to accomplished tasks (goals). Employee motivation is the fastest and easiest way for companies to succeed; if a company can have high employee motivation and morale the organization 's ability to complete is increased tenfold (Schermerhorn, Hunt, Osborn, & Uhl-Bein, 2010).
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