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The organizations in today's highly competitive market face a lot of problems related to retention and employee productivity. A large number of organizations including those having the large size, technological advances are also having these challenges even though they are considered to be the best in the industry. One of the major factors that has been identified as the root cause of this problem is the lack of employee motivation. This has resulted in the organization investing a lot into various motivational strategies. Researches have clearly established a link between employee productivity and motivation. This fact has been acknowledged by various multinational organizations. A motivated workforce helps to render competitive…show more content…
It is essential that the business managers should understand and learn regarding the factors the influence positive motivation in the organization. The size of the organization is irrelevant considering the motivation perspective as every member requires motivation in some or the other form. Different businesses take various approaches as far as the motivation is concerned. The responsibilities of integration of the motivational methods lie with the managers. Ultimately, the management has to integrate the motivation strategy with the organization's goals and objectives (Hofstede 1980).
The integration of motivation strategy with the corporate aims and objective is very important as it helps in these methods taken up seriously by the management and supervisors that have responsibility of instilling them. The involvement of top management is very necessary for the successful implementation of these programs. The managers have the duty to realize the value and impact of motivation through identification of the main factors that are linked with the motivation among the employees in the organization. These factors bear a relation to the individual behavior needs and attitudes of the employees (Hofstede 1980). .
Motivation is considered to be the force that makes the individual inclined to carry out a work. This arises when the individual needs are satisfied, and they are inspired to complete a task. The motivational needs present in the individuals differ from the

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