Employee Motivation Essay

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This figure reveals the effect of different employee’s commitment with the level of success of company’s success. It shows that the level of the organizations success and achievement enhances as the employees commitment towards that work increases.
Employee’s sincerity and passion for the work ultimately leads towards the goals satisfactory approach of the organization. Most of the survey respondents recognized and accepted that the success and survival of the organization is highly influenced by the professional capacity and level of motivation of the company’s workforce. In fact it is the main reason for the successful working achievement of many sectors. In all, 52.4% of the respondents consider that there is a significant relation
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 Financial rewards and bonuses influenced 31% of the respondents;
 Showing recognition matters for 20.7% of the respondents;
 Providing career development opportunities made17.2% of respondents motivated;
 Seeking workers opinion encouraged 13.8% of the respondents.
 Employee benefits initiated spark for 6.6% of the respondents.

This is the graphical representation of the factors that affect the employee’s motivation.
It reveals that the financial rewards such as bonuses and the financial incentives enhances the efficiency of the employees by 32%.it shows that this factor has the maximum influence on the employees working effectiveness. The maximum motivation or the passion for the work can be increased by giving the financial reward based incentives to the employees.
Although making or earning money is one aspect which effects the employees potential to work but there are many others factors as well which have a great influence.
Employees need the status and the recognition in the organization. When employees get the satisfaction that they are the important part of the organization they are giving the repute and the position in the organization it will automatically leads towards their enhanced working potential. Leaders of disagreements with the staff

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