Employee Motivation – a Short Case Study

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Employee Motivation – A Short Case Study I joined CVS Caremark project at TCS-Noida in November after a successful stint at Aviva in TCS-Bangalore, where I had worked as a trainee. I had always wanted to go back to my hometown and live with my parents and when I got a transfer to Delhi I didn’t waste a single moment in saying yes to the new project and heading towards Delhi. Many of my friends were also moving out from Bangalore at the same time which only made my decision easier. I felt that Caremark offered better career prospects, as it was a new project and we were offered to work on the current technologies that were in demand in the market. I was sure I would excel in my new position at Caremark, just as I had done in my old job at…show more content…
But before I could even finish, he told me that he was busy with other things, and that he would send an email with the solution to all the members of the team by the end of the day, and that we could then implement it immediately. I was somewhat taken aback. However, ever the optimist, I thought that he had perhaps already discussed the matter with the team. I came out of Ashish's cabin and went straight to where my team members sat. I thought it would still be nice to bounce ideas off them and also to see what solutions others might come up with. I told them of all the solutions I had in mind. I waited for the others to come up with their suggestions but not one of them spoke up. I was surprised, and asked them point-blank why they were so disinterested. Sanjay, one of the team members, said, "What is the point in our discussing these things? Ashish is not going to have time to listen to us or discuss anything. He will just give us the solution he thinks is the best, and we will just do what he tells us to do; why waste everyone's time?" I felt my heart sink. Was this the way things worked over here? However, I refused to lose heart and thought that maybe, I could change things a little. But as the days went by, I realized that Ashish was the complete opposite of my old boss. While he was efficient at what he did and extremely intelligent, he had neither
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