Employee Motivation in the Workplace

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When running a business, one would have to hire employees who perform well and product and or quality is of the same caliber. The key to an employee performance is motivation. The expression, you can lead a horse to water but you cannot force it to drink water, can be seen within the human race. The purpose of this paper is to discuss motivation in the workplace. To have a successful company, employee must be motivated enough to work and get the job done. One way have success in the workplace is to define the morale and motivate employees. The human resource department or the manager are typically the personnel to identify the employees needs by either observing the generation, the psychological contract, or the main theories that were postulated by Victor Vroom (Vroom's expectancy theory), Abraham Maslow (hierarchy of needs), Frederick Herzberg (theory of motivation), Douglas McGregor (theory X and Y). By motivating and maintaining morale, the company will sustain the the expected company's results. Motivation is defined "as the drive or energy that compels people to act, with energy and persistence, toward some goal" (Berman,etc.,2013). Though motivation can be determined by various theories, there are many studies being conducted to better understand motivation. The ultimate goal of moivation is to establish a workable environment for employees, where they are comfortable, feel respected, and the sense of being part of the "bigger picture". Motivation is
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