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Please list and describe the academic services and support programs at OU with which you are familiar with and/or have used. I have tried to use as many resources available at OU. However, the ones that I am familiar with is the writing center and the learning center. As a non-native English speaker, I sometimes struggle on getting my ideas out the way I intended. The Writing Center is a great help to me; it offers me the possibility to improve my writing skills. Additionally, the people there are really nice and excited about helping the students. The environment at the Writing Center is relaxing and favorable. Overall, it is a great resource that every student should take advantage of. Moreover, they do offer services in different locations…show more content…
The learning center provides students with a conductive study environment, as well as resources that can help enhance their academics, such as textbooks, calculators and the likes. Also, the learning center provides one-to-one study skills consultations for students to speak to consultants about their problems with regards to how to study, take notes and manage time. Personally, the center offers me a quiet place to study. It is a very welcoming environment, quiet and warm and there also refreshment. I like going there because this is a place where I can be productive.

Explain the most difficult obstacles you have had to overcome during your transition to the University of Oklahoma. Suggest ways the University of Oklahoma could ease this transition for you and other students. Honestly, my transition to the University of Oklahoma was much easier than I thought it would be in a big university. In fact, I studied for two years in England, therefore I have been away from home already. Moreover, I am part of the United World College program which provides me a big family here at OU and a lot support. The United World program recruits students around the world to come together and study in the purpose of promoting peace and a sustainable future. Having people with the same beliefs around you makes you feel
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