Employee Orientation and Placement

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EMPLOYEE ORIENTATION Employee orientation refers to the process of introducing new employees to their jobs, co-workers and work environment. Employee orientation can also be defined as the process of receiving and welcoming new employees when they first join the company. [Gary Dessler 1942]. During orientation, employees are made aware of the mission and vision of the organization, policies and programs of the organization. They are also given the necessary information required to perform their duties such as working hours, place of work, performance standards, benefits and facilities and names of other immediate officers. TYPES OF ORIENTATION Formal Orientation This involves use of a structured management program which is adhered…show more content…
Have the new employee work with a “mentor”. However, the mentor must demonstrate exemplary behaviour and expected performance. The senior management can plan regular events, such as a monthly breakfast, where they can meet with new employees and share ideas. Alignment of goals within the organization can produce a competitive advantage for your organization. Tip 5: Expectations Employees join the company with expectations from the company. Also the managers have a lot of expectations from the new employee. So it’s important for both parties to share these expectations. Management should find out what the new employee expects, encourage them to ask questions because many issues that are taken for granted are unknown to the new employee. Persuade new employees to be proactive and network. Assign them the task to find out how their job provides value within the overall organization. Set specific performance goals with new employees. Assign an immediate goal of getting to know the organization and the job. Encourage the new employees to create their own network within the organization. Align their performance expectations with the organization through mutual goal setting. BENEFITS OF ORIENTATION Covering Basics Employee orientation benefits the organization by providing an opportunity to introduce employees to the fundamentals of the company and their jobs from an administrative standpoint. Employees benefit from learning the important
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