Employee Performance Management At International Operations

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Introduction Given that the essential mission of a human resources management department is to maximize employee contribution in service of an employer 's strategic objectives we could say that therefore managing employee performance is one of the core mission of a human resources department. (Johnason, 2009). Some changes in the business environment such as globalization and deregulation of markets are fostering companies’ internationalization. At the same time the decreasing barriers for new entrants is significantly increasing the competitiveness. To succeed in a highly competitive and international environment is nowadays more important than ever to maximize employee performance. In this report we are going to see how we can improve…show more content…
The importance of performance management in the company capability to thrive seems clear. But what is exactly performance management? Some of the most widely accepted definitions are these: ‘’At its best, performance management is a holistic process that ensures employees’ performance contributes to business objectives. It brings together many of elements of good people management practice, including learning and development, measurement of performance, and organizational development.‘’ (CIPD 2016) ‘’Performance management is a continuous process of identifying, measuring and developing the performance of individuals and teams and aligning performance with the strategic goals of the organization’’ (Aguinis, 2005) As we’ve seen in the above definitions there are many processes that might have an impact in employee performance since it depend on many variables. From the candidate selection, training, mentoring to access to resources are variables that have a clear impact on employee performance (Becker, 1996). To make the analysis more clear we are going to focus in the core performance management processes that are intentionally and specifically focused in improving company performance and to do that we are going to see what practices are companies doing nowadays. The current practices in performance management A performance management system is a combination of different practices that a
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