Employee Performance Management At The Uk Retail Sector

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Nowadays, Human Resource Management is of particular significance to all companies as employees are one of the most valuable assets in their daily business affairs. Employee performance could be a driving factor for the business. Maintaining high levels of employee satisfaction will stimulate employee engagement and motivation them to perform at full capacity and to maximise companies’ profitability. Therefore, using business performance management allows managers to measure individual performance, and also allows managers to set achievable targets for individuals. Hence, companies should focus on performance management to measure employee engagement as a successful business heavily depends on its employee performance. It is believed that…show more content…
Organisations should realise the importance of its employees as they are the most powerful contributors to the organisation. Focusing on engagement strategies will increase the organisation effectiveness through increasing productivity, profitability and employee retention. Robinson et.al (2004) presented a model of engagement by indicating the importance of drivers of engagement (E.g: pay and benefits, job satisfaction), which is common to all organisations and they should pay close attention to maintain and improve these areas. Furthermore, Schaufeli et.al (2004) suggested that employees with high engagement increases loyalty to the organisation. But employees with low engagement are likely to leave the company. Therefore, it is important to maintain employee’s satisfaction to retain key employees in the organisation. Whereas, Robertson-Smith et.al (2009) stated that employee engagement is a complex challenge that many companies are facing at the moment. Furthermore, Susi et.al (2011) highlighted that there are various factors to increase employee’s productivity, which are: workplace culture, work life balance policies and practices. But all these factors could be challenges for organisation to achieve. Further exploration of these factors will develop my conceptual framework to build up my research topic

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