Employee Privacy Rights Human Resource managers and their staff members have to be sure to be up to

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Employee Privacy Rights Human Resource managers and their staff members have to be sure to be up to date on all of the pertinent laws and regulations so that they can recognize the importance and need for discretion when handling all types of information about employees of the organization. The federal Privacy Act of 1974 heightened awareness and increased attention to privacy with regards to identity theft in recent years. What this means is that while the act applies to almost exclusively maintaining employee records it also draws attention to the importance of privacy and has led to the passing of additional laws regarding privacy legislation including HIPAA, which is the Heal Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996. HIPAA…show more content…
Human Resource managers always attempt to trend lightly when it comes to employee privacy rights because there is always a potential for litigation when employees have been disciplined or any terminated because of remarks posted on social media websites. According to a report by the American Management Association, more than a quarter of employees have fired workers for misusing email, and about a third has fired workers for misusing the internet. This happened because employers were allowed to monitor any and all email communications that employees sent from work computers. However, recent court rulings have limited employer’s rights somewhat to the employers own emailing or electronic communication system not email send via outside email systems such as your private email accounts with yahoo, Gmail or even AOL. Employer’s claim they want to be sure their employees are doing a good job so there is always going to be a need for workplace monitoring. New technologies make all of this possible for employers to monitor many aspects of their employee’s jobs, especially on telephones, pc, through electronic and voice mail, and when employees use the internet. The virtual monitoring is practically unregulated and unless the organization develops specific policies stating what is allowed or not allowed your employer can listen, watch and
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