Employee Recognition

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Employee recognition awards In today’s highly competitive business world, employee recognition is an important aspect of a business that needs to be given due attention. The way it is implemented and its success depend on how the business pursues employee recognition. In this report, we would like to showcase employee recognition in the business world, the theories behind each application, and how it is implemented by businesses. Employee recognition is an incidence or program by which an employer appreciates and acknowledges the efforts and contributions of an employee publicly. This program is widely used by huge corporations, small businesses or managers as it is related to a number of individual and organizational outcomes. This…show more content…
Also, when employees are nominated by their peers as a top performer, it would eliminate any bias that may come from managers or higher authoritative figures. Everyday recognition opportunities should not be downplayed. These are the good routine behaviour that help sum up to better overall performance. Often times, when good behaviour is performed on a regular basis, they slowly become the norm for workers. Daily objectives for employees, such as arriving at work on time or completing tasks on time, should be recognized. An accolade such as the perfect attendance award is beneficial to the organization in the long run in potential savings with having to hire part time workers for absentees. These good habits are contagious when someone is acknowledged for their behavior; fellow employees will imitate these actions. Recognition programs can be beneficial to both the organization and its employees. After implementing recognition programs, it is said that the organization’s productivity and performance will increase. Before introducing recognition programs, it is crucial that the department’s goals are mentioned to employees. By putting the department’s objectives in their minds, they would be more inclined to contribute to the team goals. To maximize the production and efficiency of the IT department, employees should develop trust and confidence in each other. The recognition programs that we
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