Employee Relation Task 4

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The learners are requested to present the speech on the following areas of Industrial Relations and are requested not to use any Power Point presentation. They are allowed to use any creative method of presentation. The issues to e discussed are explained below. LO 4.1: Assess the influence of the EU on industrial democracy in the UK Hints: European Union: European Union regulations are directly binding on all Member States without the need for national legislation to put them in place.European Union directives bind Member States to the objectives to be achieved within a certain time-limit, but leave national authorities to decide on how to implement them. Directives have to be implemented in national legislation. Government…show more content…
Now Unions are perceived as an institution existing to educate management and employees the benefit of involving workers in decision making process. As a result, employee involvement in decision making has become functional, by this means impacting positively on workers performance and enhancing their contribution to the success of the organization. Now works council is made up of representatives of all departments within a firm. The role of works councils is to discuss long term objectives of the business and to suggest strategies for improving the future prospects of the business. There is also an option for Worker Shareholders and Worker Partners, who have a stake in the ownership of the business. Share holdings are often encouraged by the use of share option and saving schemes. These schemes have seen some success in the UK, with some company putting a great deal of emphasis on the importance of as many workers as possible having a stake in the business. Although it is feared that the European Monetary Union will increase ‘wage dumping’ it is the practice of paying workers less than the standard rate set by the industry. Some German company is already facing trials for such incident. LO 4.2 compare methods used to gain employee participation and involvement in the decision making process in organisations HINTS:Advantages Of Employee Involvement In Decision-making: 1.
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