Employee Relations And Employee Engagement

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Report Abstract According to British background of business, seeking the way that how employee relations and engagement fit each other by their strategies, polices and practices. In this report, which present different approaches to improve employee relations and employee engagement in organisation of sky. It also assesses that approaches whether fit their organisation strategy by theoretical frameworks and justified a clear action plan for developing and enhancing the employment relations’ strategy within the organisation of sky. Contents 1 Introduction 3 1.1 UK current context 3 1.2 The organisation of Sky 4 1.3 Business model and policies in Sky 4 2 The definition of engagement 5 3 the approaches for employee relations and engagement 6 3.1 How culture effects people business success 6 3.2 Training 6 3.3 Working environment 7 3.4 Internal Benefits for employees 8 3.5 External benefits for charity 9 4 Theoretical frameworks 10 4.1 The needs-satisfying approach 10 4.2 The job demands-resources model 11 5 Conclusions 12 6 Recommendations 12 6.1 Employee equality information: Gender 12 6.2 Developing graduates programme 14 7 Appendices 16 8 References 17 1 Introduction 1.1 UK current context Engagement levels in the UK are low – and vary widely. The most recent Workplace Employee Relations Survey (WERS) from 2004 indicates that job-related satisfaction varied across workplaces, suggesting that it was partly determined by the workplace itself not just by
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