Employee Relations And High Turnover Environment

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Employee Relations In High Turnover Environment Retail employment makes up a great deal of the younger peoples’ jobs. The jobs require a low amount of skill, but also only give a lower amount of pay. They are usually used as a building point for many as they begin their lives as working professionals. Most often these positions are temporary and the turnover rate is exceptionally high. According to Career Builder, “an analysis of [Bureau Of Labor Statistics] by the National Retail Federation, nearly a quarter of retail workers voluntarily left a job in 2010” (Career Builder, 2011). Although retail workers do not make up the entire United States work force, a quarter of any population is a huge number to be affected. I have held…show more content…
I had never had a run in with any of my managers previously, but did not feel particular close to one manager. His style was cold and to flat out tell you what to do while picking favorites with some of the employees who had been at the location for a while. One particular day, the store was mobbed and I was trying to keep up with folding clothes and telling customers about the deals available at the moment. One of my co-workers came over to me and said that my manager said he was “going to run me over” and that I needed to hurry up in what I was doing. He felt that I was moving slow and not getting enough of my tasks done according to his standards. The manager never said anything directly to me and I never approached him or my co-worker about it after the incident. After it happened, I became very uncomfortable and insecure in my quality of work. I felt that when I came into work, I was more of a hindrance than any actual help. About a week or two after the incident happened I put in my 2 week notice and left. Since then, I still avoid the store because I see the manager working, which is sad because I enjoyed working there and loved the clothing. Analysis of Leadership Behavior Having learned more about leadership and now looking back on the situation, I can see that my manager at the time had some shortcomings when it came to
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