Employee Relations And High Turnover Environment

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Employee Relations In High Turnover Environment Retail employment makes up a great deal of the younger peoples’ jobs. The jobs require a low amount of skill, but also only give a lower amount of pay. They are usually used as a building point for many as they begin their lives as working professionals. Most often these positions are temporary and the turnover rate is exceptionally high. According to Career Builder, “an analysis of [Bureau Of Labor Statistics] by the National Retail Federation, nearly a quarter of retail workers voluntarily left a job in 2010” (Career Builder, 2011). Although retail workers do not make up the entire United States work force, a quarter of any population is a huge number to be affected. I have held almost five retail positions and in a relatively short period of time, three years. I averaged about a 3 month span in those positions, which is in line with the turnover rate from the National Retail Federation. While working at one clothing retailer in particular I had a very negative experience with one of my managers that ultimately lead to me quitting shortly after the incident. This position was one of my first true retail positions. I was tasked with folding clothes, pulling sizes for customers and giving my recommendations to customers when they asked. The store I worked at was one of the busiest in the mall and would get a major amount of foot traffic every day. Sometimes you were required to man the whole male side of the store…
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