Employee Relations And Increase Employee Loyalty

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One of GC3’s biggest weaknesses is its high turnover; therefore, it is imperative GC3 restructure their staff within all levels of the organization to increase employee relations and increase employee loyalty. The following recommendations are for staffing and recruitment within GC3.
The First two hires from the proposed Staffing and Recruitment plan should be the addition of two new Chief of Operations’ (COO). A COO is needed for their DaDeli division and one will be required at Corporate Headquarters. With the continued lack of structured training and changing corporate culture, these two additions will help shape the centralized decision making system. The COO at each division will also be responsible for compiling reports from their locations and advise GC3 executives of problem areas and anomalies. It will be important for Tony, Bruce and Bonnie to utilize executive search agencies to help them find this level of employee with the skills and abilities they will need. Failed efforts to locate an exceptional candidate could alter their future vision for the entire organization.
Tony will need to work with Bonnie to hire three significant roles. Tony will need a Finance Manager whom will be responsible for preparing and assigning the budget plans, payroll preparation and implementation across the organization, accounts payable and receivable and other financial obligations. Since he will be responsible for other divisions’ accounting and finance programs, it will be…

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