Employee Relations And The Workplace

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Introduction ‘Employee relations’ is a term used to refer to a study of the rules, regulation, and agreements used to manage workers either as a collective group or as individuals (Leat, 2008, p. 3; Waiganjo & Nge 'the, 2012). Conflict at the workplace is the inevitable issues that stem from interaction between employees and employers. On the other hand, a strike is an industrial action and a collective way in which employees voice their dispute once negotiations do not bear fruits. According to Odhong & Omolo (2014, p. 147), employee relations examines various facets of correlation between employees as well as with their employers. The concept of employee relations is utilized to formulate ways of resolving conflict and aid in increasing the productivity in an organization by motivating the employees (Nikoloski, et al., 2014, p. 118). The issue addressed in this essay is whether the observed decline in strikes activity in Britain translates to lesser disputes cases in the workplace stemming from employer-employee correlation. This paper apparently shows that it does not seem to be the case. In this paper, the essay will explore the issue of conflict within employee relation. Then, the paper looks into the conflict patterns, specifically with respect to the trend of strikes in Britain over the years. Once the pattern has been established, the paper will discuss the rationale behind the observed trend and what it meant for conflicts in the workplace. Then, the article will
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