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Employee Relation Report Submitted to: Dean Horsman, Paul Dix Date: 20th December 2011 Abstract: The report gives a concise analysis of employee relation concepts like ER policies, management styles, workplace harmonisation, collective bargaining and analysis of trade union with respect to the employees and organisations. Starting with a brief introduction, it continues to talk about the labour unions and its process of reorganisation. It gives various drawbacks and benefits of union reorganisation for the employer. Then it examines the partnership agreement signed between UNISON and Vertex in the year 2000. Then a critique is made based on the theory that whether the partnership agreement was a success at Vertex or not.…show more content…
(ACAS, 2005) Advantages and Disadvantages of Trade Union Recognition for employers: Benefits of trade union recognition for an employer are: * Employer will have a single body to negotiate terms and conditions which is simpler and time saving rather than dealing with workers individually. * By negotiating and consulting on workplace issues with a recognised union, workers are likely to feel more involved which encourages trust and commitment amongst the workforce which, in return, will result in stable employee relation framework. (Work Effectively with Trade Unions, n.d) Disadvantages of trade union recognition for an employer are: * In recognising a trade union, an employer can face many difficulties such as the decision making process can be very time consuming as he has to discuss it with the representatives and hence, there can be lack of flexibility in the organisation. * In a company with union recognition, employers have a few options available to motivate their workforce to work harder, to produce more, suggest creative solutions to the problems faced by business * Trade unions can limit the flexibility of workforce. Organisations where workers are hired under an employment agreement with labour unions, the power of owners and management officials to dismiss unproductive labour without showing a cause is extremely limited. Factors influencing the decision of Vertex to de-recognise and then recognise the trade

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