Employee Relations

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1. The Employment Relationship According to the International Labour Organization (2015), the employment relationship is defined as the legal link between employers and employees. This exists when a person performs work or services under certain terms and conditions in return for remuneration. Employee Relations are influenced by a number of internal and external factors, all of which affect the strategic balance between labour and management. It is important that we are aware of the key factors influencing employee relations in order to strike a proper balance within the working environment. Internal factors According to the Oxford Dictionary (2015), a trade union is defined as an organized association of workers in a…show more content…
Self-employed – According to Gov.uk (2015), self –employed people are defined as individuals who are in business for themselves and provide a service to multiple clients. They have far greater control over how and when to deliver the service and who delivers it. They will usually be better able to protect their own commercial interests, although they will bear any financial risk from the business they operate. It is important to determine an individual’s employment status as it assists with differentiating or establishing their rights and entitlements under the employment contract as well as the Employers legal requirements. These entitlements may be in relation, but not limited to healthcare schemes, bonuses, paid holiday or sick pay, Leave days and period for termination notices. These entitlements often vary between different employments statuses. Insurance is another key factor that may vary between

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