Employee Relations Essay

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Employee Relations
Dr. Harold Griffin
HSA 530: Health Services Human Resource Management
February 23, 2012

Introduction Employee Relations involves the body of work concerned with maintaining employer-employee relationships that contribute to satisfactory productivity, motivation, and morale (Hopkins & Hampton, 1995). Essentially, employee relations is concerned with preventing and resolving problems involving individuals which arise out of or affect work situations. This paper will develop a strategy specific to my organization for integrating job performance & training, discuss the most significant performance management challenges the organization I have researched has faced, outline basics of a performance management
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A further challenge is to ensure feedback flows in both directions. Managers require timely feedback to monitor organizational results. Employees require feedback to validate, or to improve individual performance. Leadership training could be one of the major challenges in a performance management. Leadership training objectives include topics such as how to be fair and objective, what types of employee behavioral issues can be addressed effectively during a performance appraisal and how to help employees establish realistic and attainable goals for the next evaluation period.
Outline The Basics Of A Performance Management Initiative That Would Significantly Improve Employee Performance Across The Organization As Well As Encourage Employee Retention According to Flynn, Mathis, & Jackson (2007), retention of employees have becoming a growing concern of many healthcare providers. "Every healthcare worker who is retained means one less worker to have to recruit, select, and train" (Flynn, Mathis, & Jackson, 2007, pg.140). The fundamental goal of performance management is to promote and improve employee effectiveness. It is a continuous process where managers and employees work together to plan, monitor and review an employee's work objectives or goals and his or her overall contribution to the organization. The establishment of an effective performance management system requires time and resources and therefore, the support of the

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