Employee Relations HND 2013 Assignment 1 Essay

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Ahmed Hafeel
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24.Employee Relations
Term :
Summer 2013
Assignment Title :
Understand the context of employee relations against a changing background
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M1 and M2
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The company’s extensive goals must be communicated in an organized and proper manner to all staff.
Systems should be established to ensure employee loyalty and commitment such as reward-systems.
Line Managers should ensure ownership responsibilities of their team/staff.
Staff-management conflicts - from the perspective of the unitary framework - are seen as arising from lack of information, inadequate presentation of management's policies.
Personal objectives of each employee in the entire organization must be discussed with them and then incorporated with the organizations requirements.

Pluralist Perspective;

Pluralism consists of powerful, divergent sub-groups, managements and trade unions within an organization. This approach responds to conflicts of interest and misunderstandings between managers and workers in regard to distribution of profits as a normal and inescapable problem.
In regard to this, Managements would opt less towards administrating and monitoring, and opt more towards convincing and synchronization.

Trade Unions are supported a lot here and considered to be legitimate legislatures of employees.

Conflict is solved by cooperative negotiations and is regarded not necessarily as a negative entity and if accomplished can in fact be channeled into development and positive energy. Realistic managers cannot deny the fact that conflict occurs and have no choice other than to accept

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