Employee Relations HND 2013 Assignment 3

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Student Name:
Ahmed Hafeel
Unit No and Name
24.Employee Relations
Term :
Summer 2013
Assignment Title :
Understand collective bargaining and negotiation processes and Understand the concept of employee participation and involvement
Due Date:
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Grading criteria covered within this assignment:

LO3 and LO4
Not applicable
D2 and D3

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Working as a sort of cohesion between employers and apprentices it works to make sure the schemes meet the needs of the employers and apprentices.

A little more information regarding what they do to help apprentices are as follows;

The can help increase wages, help manage appropriate working hours and improve working conditions using collective bargaining.
They sometimes also encourage employees to take industrial actions in order for them to reach their objectives.
Give legal advice and amenities to help solve any problems in the workplace.
Have Promotions and discounts on services like car insurance.
Give apprentices the chance to develop personal matters as well as to gain basic skills or professional qualification.
The Apprentices are given good quality training schemes in public services.
Protected by minimum wage legislation to receive proper wages.
They are not discriminated against for any reasons.

A further study on UNISON shows that they go into great lengths to looking after their members, they have bargained with employers regarding housing, healthcare and other benefits that the employee receives and been able to increase the efficiency of employees which affects the overall efficiency of the company as a whole.

The reasons UNISON supports apprenticeship is because they are able to benefit the society as well as the market in many ways;
It gives opportunities to the youth of the society and also introduces

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