Employee Relations Issues

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Employee Relations Issues Individual Research Project Employee Relations Issues By Oksana Kirsanova GB520: Strategic Human Resources Management Kaplan University April 25, 2011 Abstract Abstract The aim of this report was to explore the problems and trends of Employee Relations and learn how the right approach can control organizational success. If a small amount of time is spent on implementing an effective performance management system within a company then it can lead to a large impact on the overall performance of the employees. With better performance from the employees comes a better bottom line for any company. Employee Relations involves the body of work concerned with maintaining and managing employer-employee relationships…show more content…
Why do we need to work together and build strong employee relations? (Importance of Employee Relations - Why Employee Relations at Workplace?): • There are several issues on which an individual cannot take decisions alone. • Work becomes easy if it is shared among all. • The organization becomes a happy place to work if the employees work together as a family. • An individual feels motivated in the company of others whom he can trust and fall back on whenever needed. • Healthy employee relations also discourage conflicts and fights among individuals. • A healthy employee relation reduces the problem of absenteeism at the work place. • It is wise to share a warm relation with your fellow workers, because you never know when you need them. All these reasons are enough for a company to make sure that their goals are met and they are still doing well with profits. The key to handling employee relations issues is to focus on objective facts and observable behavior, not the attitude that you feel is causing it (Letke, 2010). Advantages of maintaining good employee relations A company that maintains good employee relations must benefit in reduced absenteeism, improved morale, and great motivation of employees to succeed in achieving and meeting goals, reduced cost on training of employees. Also a company will be able to attract good talents, maintain a harmony at
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