Employee Relations in the New British Economy

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Employee Relations in the New British Economy Great Britain is currently recovering from one of the worst economic periods since the 1930s. Everyone is feeling the pinch. As companies try to compete in this new economic environment, and the government tries to reduce national debt, many industries are finding themselves in situations where they must find ways to improve employee relations on an industry wide basis. In the past, employee relations formed an important part of the competitive advantage for individual firms. After falling out of favor for some time, trade unions are now becoming more popular as a way of bolstering entire sectors of the economy or industries. This research will explore the role of employee relations in both unitary and pluralistc environments within certain industries. Power Organization and Structure When speaking of trade unions, and import nor understand the frame of reference. The unitary frame of reference is a way of thinking about management and organizational membership. This frame of reference is based on the assumption that in order to achieve success all of the members must share the same goals and have a similar value system. The unitary perspective is expressed in mission statements and actions to achieve the objectives of the organization. Workers are seen as loyal in the management takes on a parental role and works in everyone's best interest. A pluralistic perspective is that of an organization that is more
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