Employee Resourcing Process: a Positive Part of Strategic Human Resources Management

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Employee Resourcing Process: A Positive Part of Strategic Human Resource Management

Ola Kazeem Falodun

16th March 2009


1. Introduction 1

2. How the key stages of the employee resourcing process support strategic human resource management 2

3. Evaluate a range of methods of selection to support strategic human resource management considering their objectives and limitations. 6

4. Identify the legislation underpinning the employee resourcing process and review the impact the legislation has on the resourcing process. 12

5. Analysis of an employee resourcing process in KGK and appraise its contribution to the strategic human resource management function
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(a) Job Analysis: is the systematic study of the content of jobs in an organization. It often results in a document called the job description, which is a comprehensive document that details the duties, responsibilities, and tasks that make up a job. Because job analysis can be complex, time-consuming, and expensive, standardized job descriptions have been developed that can be adapted to thousands of jobs in organizations across the world. Examples of these are: Standard Occupational Classification (SOC) which has information on at least 821 occupations, and Occupational Information Network provides job descriptions for thousands of jobs. An understanding of the content of a job assists an organization in specifying the knowledge, skills, and abilities needed to do the job.

(b) Job Specification: is an organizational document that details what is required to successfully perform a given job. The necessary KSAs are called job requirements, which simply means they are thought to be necessary to perform the job. Job requirements are expressed in terms of desired education or training, work experience, specific aptitudes or abilities, and in many other ways. In supporting this, Torrington and Hall (1995) stated that ‘job specification is a statement derived from the job analysis process and the job description of the characteristics that an individual would

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