Employee Retention : Employee Management

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Employee Retention

Chapter 1: Introduction

This research design is about employee retention.High employee turnover cost businesses times and productivity.This paper covers the reasoning behind employee turnover.It also covers methods and strategies to prevent and reduce a high turnover. After all employees can make or break a company.

High Employee Turnover
What keeps employees satisfied?
What causes employees to leave?
What does it take to keep employees?
This study is important because employee turnover cost time,productivity and money.
An example of the outcomes of one of the strategies used.I did not because there are a variety of different strategies and one outcome works best depends on the specific needs of the company.
Strategies and methods only relate to internal factors.
Employee Retention- is a business attempt to keep the current staff in the company
Employee turnover-the rate that employees leave the company
Qualitative Research-acquiring an understanding of a specific organization The report is organized in the following order:
Employee Retention
Fundamentals needed to retain employees
What to look for in candidates
Reasons the employees leave
How to keep employees satisfied and pick the right candidates.

Chapter 2: Literature Review The following is a detailed explanation of what employment retention consists of; employee retention is keeping employees in the organization,…

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