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Employee Retention PSY 435 University of Phoenix May 4, 2014 Employee retention is an essential part of any company. Lack of employees is essentially, an incomplete business. When a business has issues with employee retention, they are typically left with individuals who are not cut out for the job and lack any experience. Not only that, but, high turn over costs business owners time, as well as, productivity. For an organization to continue running properly they must implement programs that will keep their employees around. Attracting, retaining, developing, utilization, and equitability, are all essential areas of programs that should be implemented. JC’s Casino should begin working towards these types of programs in order to…show more content…
The housekeeping department makes attempts at obtaining new employees, however, the attitudes of the current employees needs improvement. In order to provide excellent service and continue this trend with their new employees, there should be some rewards introduced. Simple things such as coupons, movie tickets, or even a day off could really change the moral around the office. Occupational Stressors/Alleviations “A job stressor is a condition or situation at work that requires an adaptive response on the part of the employee (Jex & Beehr, 1991). Being Occupational Health Psychology reprimanded, having too little time, and being told about the possibility of being fired are all examples of job stressors (Spector, 2012, p.307). A job strain is a negative reaction of an employee to a stressor, such as anxiety, anger, or physical symptoms such as a headache. Conflicts between employee’s and their supervisors can cause especially stressful situations within the workplace. “The severity of job stress depends on the magnitude of the demands that are being made and the individual’s sense of control or decision-making latitude he or she has in dealing with them (American Institute of Stress, 2014, para.3).” Lets begin with the dealers inside JC’s casino. As mentioned before, their supervisor is overbearing, toxic, and evil. Based on that alone,

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