Employee Retention Rates And The Quality Of Work

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The American population spends a large percentage of time at their place of business. The culture of the work environment plays a major role in an employee’s happiness, in addition company culture affects employee retention rates and the quality of work the organization produces. Issues such as conflict resolution is a major facet in employee satisfaction It is very important to try and ensure that the time employees are spending at work is both fruitful for the organization, as well as conducive to the staffs mental health. Disgruntled employees can impact an organization in a small way by not completing tasks accurately or in a timely fashion. They can also make a large impact by spreading negative information about the organization or even as far as a violent workplace outburst. Employees need to have somewhere to turn when they are at odds with the organization or specific individuals within the organization. It used to be an odd happening when employees turned to violence to settle their unhappiness at work. That is no longer the case. The term “going postal” was coined after the string of postal office shootings in the 1980s. Though, violent outbursts by employees that end in death or injury are the extreme end result, if employee unhappiness can be headed off before it gets to that point, then that is something that needs to be done. Many employees are not comfortable going through the chain of command at their organization to get results for conflict in the

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