Employee Retention Techniques

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Chapter - i INTRODUCTION OF THE STUDY 1 CHAPTER I INTRODUCTION OF THE STUDY 1. Introduction The project work titled, “A Study on Employee Retention Techniques among employes in Salem District Milk Producers Union Limited”. The main objective of this study is to evaluate the employee turnover level of the company. Employee is not an economic factor but a total personality having his own feelings and a sense of responsibilities towards his family, the industry and the nation. The worker has a vital role in increasing productivity and management has to create conditions in which worker can make their maximum contribution towards the objectives of fulfilling the essential…show more content…
Chapter-III The third chapter deals with the research methodology that contain the research design, sampling detail, data collection details, tools which is used in the study. Chapter-IV The fourth chapter deals with the analysis and interpretation of data. Chapter-V The fifth chapter highlights the findings, suggestions, recommendation and conclusion. CHAPTER – II CONCEPTS AND REVIEW 7 CHAPTER II Concept and review of literature 2.1. Concept of employee retention techniques Retention will be a challenge, according to a recent study. Retention requires a competitive salary and great benefits. However, retention of your best requires a whole lot more. Employee involvement, recognition, advancement, development and pay based on performance just get you started in your quest to retain your best. An employee retention program boosts the bottom line and improves customer Satisfaction. Employers know only too well the tightening effect that continued growth has had on the labor market. Human resources publications constantly are regaling employers with tales of employers competing for scarce employees using techniques like allowing employees to bring their pets to work or hosting job fairs for convicts. Losing key employees
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