Employee Rewards System

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The need for a reward system in any type of human service organizations is strong, the human service worker deals with someone else’s problems every day, then goes home to deal with their own. The pay range for this work is low to average, and the stress and disagreement level is high. These employees endure a host of emotions from clients on a daily basis, which is bound to affect the worker at some point. The management in these types of organizations should reward the employee for a job well done, or just a reminder to them that they do make a difference. Human service organizations are generally ran on a tight budget, so monetary rewards are not usually possible; the management must find other ways to reward the caring and dedicated…show more content…
A few more planned rewards could be if the employee goes beyond the normal job requirement, the company could give him or her a nice gift or gift certificate, if the employee finishes his or her work early the company could reward the employee by sending a thank you note for quality and timely work. These are all benefits to the company and the employees, but the company can also reward the employees as a team so that the rewards are distributed equally. To reward a team the company could call a lunch meeting and supply the food as a thank you for a great job for the month, or organize a party or picnic for the employees for a year of meeting goals, with small recognition plaques. Individual employees can be rewarded for a job well done by giving them a chance to advance or take on a special project; this gives employees a feeling of opportunity, advancement, and appreciation, and keeps them striving to reach the goals. There are many ways to implement rewards systems, and many rewards that can be used, Midland Real Estate Company uses a reward of making a ten million-roundtable club, or an elite club, which is based on commission, and sales, it uses performance of excellence awards for sales associates (Lau, 2008). Today companies can also use E-vouchers, or electronic gift cards in place of gifts or paper gift cards, with
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