Employee Rights Of The Private Sector

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Employee Rights Employees of the private sector, state and federal governments are required to be protected by worker’s rights. These rights should protect workers on all scales of employment and when they are violated as a citizen of this country the private sector or governments has a responsibility to take action in order to sustain a balanced work environment of respect, honesty and loyalty to one right. This paper will show an argument in the employee rights to participate in a managerial decision making and how the argument that was used had become more persuasive. Due process is always the legal policy to follow not only in a workplace, but also in the law arena. Due process is the law of the land which some use the term per legem terrae. In the workplace due process refers to employee’s right to be protected from the arbitrary use of managerial authority. Procedures must be established to ensure that dismissal is not arbitrary. There is something that give companies, business owners and the government quite some bit of leverage and that is the just cause rule. This rule is more applicable to this certain core of members that will use this option as the easy way out. The vast majority of employees are against this option. The lawmakers and congress has made this policy for all citizens to have the opportunity to be processed the same legally (Desjardins, 2011, Chapter 6). There are advantages that plays a major role when your claim is being processed the same
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