Employee Satisfaction And Employee Performance

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After conducting a study of the satisfaction found among employees of Choongam Sports Center, I have discerned some key elements of employee satisfaction that will be useful to the company in optimizing its work space. Employee satisfaction is crucial to any industry such as the fitness industry that depends upon its employees to embody the company brand and interface with consumers every day. It is also important to the efficiency and productivity of any organization, as it affects employee turnover rates. Employee satisfaction by itself is largely affected by the level of fulfilment found in job duties and the compensation given for those duties. Based on the results of this project, the following suggestions have been made. In order to keep employees satisfied in their duties and keep turnover minimal, organizations should adopt the following practices. Training programs should be in place within the organization for both personal development and development of technical or specialized skills. Management should recognize and nurture natural strengths or talents of individual employees. Reducing working hours by 30 min to 1 hour increases motivation amongst employees. Cultivating career opportunities by improving the promotion policy. Opening up paths of communication between employees and management. Organizing fun, team-building events at work. Using up-to-date equipment and facilities in the physical work space. Utilizing a performance-linked compensation
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