Employee Satisfaction

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Abstract The primary subject matter of this case involves the job satisfaction and employee engagement of a spa company’s workforce called Bella. The case depicts a new general manager Kris Jenkins’s concern that Bella’s numbers had deteriorated dramatically in the past year. Profits were down; absenteeism was up; turnover, while not dramatic, was higher than it had been in the past five years. This report shows how important the employee engagement to bring job satisfaction which overall leads a company with a less absenteeism, low turnover rates; ultimately increase productivity and performance that effects on to bring higher profits. So there is some offer and recommendations regarding the result of the employee survey to the…show more content…
The way people motivate to do work in the job place with cohesively; respondents’ shows very little response in terms of survey report. One of the significant areas of this survey indicates owner is not pretty much aware of the saloon workers that could be enhance and foster employees to do job done better, employees could be motivated and they were in strong position to increase the productivity and make the organization profitability. The Role of General Manager at Bella Kris Jenkins as a new appointed General Manager in Bella has to face a biggest challenge to deal with the situation where Bella’s profits were down, absenteeism was up, and turnover was higher than it had been in the past five years. Although she had found out some issues on job satisfaction and job involvement and she was optimistic that some insights in these two areas might lead to the same thing as she had been involved in implementing changes at her previous salon based on results of these surveys. She believes changes that had been quiet effective in terms of improving outcomes. Thus she has work with the people; make them happy towards the organizational goal because happy employees are Productive: studies shows that happy people are more productive take fewer sick days and get along with others better. Loyal: they won’t be looking at job market; the cost associated with hiring an employee can be as high as 2.5 times their annual
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