Employee Satisfaction : The Level Of Fulfillment Of One 's Needs

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According to Nancy C. Morse (1997) “Satisfaction refers to the level of fulfillment of one’s needs, wants and desire. Satisfaction depends on what an individual wants from the world, and what he gets.” Employee satisfaction is a measure of how happy workers are with their job and working environment. It is undeniable that there are many different factors affecting organizational effectiveness, and one of them is employee satisfaction. Also, it is said that a satisfied employee is a productive employee, so every company is giving higher priority to keep their employees satisfied by providing several facilities which improve satisfaction and promote a healthy work environment. If employees are not satisfied with their job, there can be chances for absenteeism, high turnover, low productivity, and making mistakes. Employee satisfaction is the sum of an employee’s experiences, both positive and negative, when performing his or her job. Moreover, the quality of an employee’s workplace experiences may be largely determined by his or her ability of meet personal objectives. Employee satisfaction can be taken as a summation of employee’s feelings in six important areas. The most likely workplace determinants of employee satisfaction are whether the employee (1) finds the job interesting; (2) has good relationships with management; (3) has a high income; (4) can work independently; (5) has good advancement opportunities and; (6) has good relations with colleagues. Employee
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