Employee Satisfaction at Disney Essay

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The intention of this research is to show the corporate culture of Disney! Within this discussion, a number of topics will be addressed that include: formal statements prevalent in the organization and its impact to the organization, a description of the environment and the statement it makes relative to the organization, the types of language or sayings used in the organization, the type of role modeling, training and teaching that is emphasized, rewards used to motivate employees, outcome measures used by leaders within the organization, how leaders respond to critical incidents or crisis, workflow and organizational structure, an evaluation of organization systems and procedures and the types of organizational goals and associated …show more content…
It is the Disney way of life which places service to guests above all else. Disney’s legendary customer service is so renowned that today, companies from all areas of business engage in Disney training to improve their customer service.
Another key element of Disney culture is to foster creativity and to sustain innovation (Lynch 2001). Disney knew that when employees were encouraged to “think out of the box”, that their ideas were respected. Disney was known for seeking input from all levels within the organization because he believed good ideas could come from anywhere.
The Disney environment
Disney opened his first theme park in 1955. His goal was to provide a good show through themed entertainment. Disney essentially transformed his legendary animated movies into reality. The entire park became a stage filled with props and actors. When guests entered Disneyland they were no longer the audience, they became part of the show. In order for this to be successful, Disney understood the need to control the environment. Wanting the experience needed to be replicated. He believed that by controlling the environment, the reactions of the guests within the environment could be predicted (Johnson 1991). Disney also understood he had to control the response of his employees to the guests. Being a director and movie-maker, Disney’s view
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