Employee Satisfaction in the IT Industry

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EMPLOYEE SATISFACTION IN IT FIELD EMPLOYEE SATISFACTION Employee satisfaction is the individual employee’s general attitude towards the job. It is also an employee’s cognitive and affective evaluation of his or her job. What are factors influences / effects to employee satisfaction? It can include factors as following: 1. Organization development factors • Brand of organization in business field and comparison with leading competitor. • Missions and Vision of organization. • Potential development of organization. 2. Policies of compensation and benefits factors • Wage and salary • Benefits • Rewards and penalties 3. Promotions and career development factors • Opportunities for promotion. • Training program participated or…show more content…
2. How long have you been a member of our organization? 3. The Company is a family-friendly place to work. a) Agree b) Slightly Agree c) Disagree d) Slightly Disagree 4. The Company values its individual employees. 5. In each sections support each other in their respective goals. 6. I have access to the information I need to do my job well. 7. My managers keeps me well informed. 8. I use problem-solving techniques to arrive at decisions 9. The Company is ethical 10. Employees are treated with respect. 11. I am motivated to stay at the Company because of my benefits package 12. My supervisor makes me feel like an important team member. 13. I trust what I read in Corporate communications. 14. I am encouraged to think independently. 15. The Company is a valuable resource to the public. 16. I am responsible for setting my own goals 17. Generally, there is a good mood throughout the Company. 18. The Company is well prepared to compete effectively. 19. Please name one specific area in which you believe the company excels. 20. Please name one specific area in which you would like to see improvement. ----------------------------------------------- Dear all employees, We are conducting an employee satisfaction survey to measure you satisfaction level at our company. This survey is aimed at providing us an opportunity to communicate your opinions about our company and job. We assure you that your responses will be held in
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