Employee Selection

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Individual Research Essay
(2) Describe the different employee selection methods and specify which work best for different jobs.

Employees form the basis of a successful organisation and the abilities and behavior of employees can vary the performance of an organisation significantly. Due to the fact that respective jobs require specific sets of skills or attributes, selections are essential in ensuring that the most suitable candidates are hired. Selection refers to the process of assessing candidates by various means and making a choice followed by an offer of employment (Graham, 1998, p.206). It is often thought of as an integral part of human resource management within an organization, which allows firms to gain a competitive
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From an economic perspective, the subsequent costs of occupational fraud include a reduction of stock prices and loss of employment. These economic costs are exemplified by the 5% of revenue lost per annum from every average Canadian organisation as a result of employment fraud (Koletar, 2003). According to Herman, a positive correlation exists between the degree to which a candidate could be in a position to cause harm to others, colleagues, or the organisation and that of a reference check (Herman, 1993). For example, public servants and jobs that necessitate the handling of inordinate amounts of money would warrant a background check, as the risk of financial losses or damage to government organization reputations are higher.

Interviews remain a widely used selection technique in contemporary industries despite the relative unreliability of this method. Dipboye reports that approximately 70% of organizations in the United States utilize interviews as the main selection strategy in both promotion and recruitment ( Dipboye, 1992). A selection interview can be broadly delineated as “a dialogue initiated by one or persons to gather information and evaluate the qualifications of an applicant for employment (Dipboye, 1992).” The exclusion of other specific qualifications such as interpersonal skills, personal motivations and career objectives is apparent in this definition,
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